Friday, April 28, 2023

in the aftermath

There's just been a lot of sad sleeping around here, including--especially--by Huckie. JS kindly offered to hold a puppy playdate with her Maeve, but it rained all day, so we had to cancel. 

Although I've been home this week, I've been working on finalizing prep for the course that starts on Monday. Thankfully, Big A is back today, so I'm not solely responsible for caring for all the sad babies.

Pic: Huck fast asleep with "Buddy" who looks like a baby Goldendoodle. Buddy used to be Nu's but we decided Huckie needed a lovey. (She wasn't really hugging him, I slipped him under her arm.)


Nicole said...

I really wondered how Huck would do without his companion. Does he seem to understand Scout is gone? I wonder if you would be able to talk about that at all, at some point in the future. Sending love. xo

Gillian said...

So sad.

maya said...

Nicole, I don't know how much Huck understands, but she seems to understand that Scout's not coming back. We were advised to have her at his passing, and I think that helped.

She's a year younger and does not know a life without him. She's usually so anxious when they're separated for even short periods (If he were at the vet or groomer, for instance) and would sit by the door twitchy with impatience for him to return.

After Scout's passing, she does not wait for him--she seems to know he's not coming... But she is haunting his old spots and seems really listless and depressed.

StephLove said...

I've had different experiences with my cats losing their companions, sometimes it doesn't seem to impact them much, other times they seem to mourn.

maya said...

That's so interesting about cats, StephLove. It sounds stereotypically cat-like.

Max week

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