Friday, March 03, 2023


I'm in awe of how (tiny, determined)
ants carry many times their own weight 
of how much snow (seeming ethereal)
can cover with slow, resolute softness
overhead, an arrowhead of eager geese soar
they move in a direction I read as tomorrow

Pic: Tokens of support along the library bridge, MSU

Note: Pre-birthday walk with Big A in the am; big snowstorm in the pm.


Nicole said...

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, MY FRIEND! *throws confetti, bakes a cake*

Gillian said...

Birthday coming soon?

StephLove said...

Nice closing line

maya said...

That was delightful, Nicole! You're the best!
Gillian it was today :)!
Thank you, StephLove--that was actually the first line that showed up in my head...


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