Thursday, March 16, 2023

bits of weirdness

I'm having a tough time of it. 

Campus still feels eerie. And in its own way, that feels right. We shouldn't be able to go from losing someone to life as usual. 

And then my dad's younger brother died this week. A family of six brothers, they were the two closest in age and everything else. This uncle absolutely loved dad. My sister and I always rolled our eyes when he was around, because he took up so much of our dad's time when we wanted it all to ourselves as dad was (and is still) the fun parent. 

I was randomly thinking of my uncle on Tuesday... and then on Wednesday I heard from family about his passing. That (coincidence?) felt weird and spooked me and now I'm kind of scared to think of anyone. (Nu's advice: maybe only think of people you don't like. My kid is too funny/frightening.)

I spent a long time--like a weirdo--watching a three-legged deer on their nighttime nosh in the front yard tonight. It may have been the same three-legged deer from year 1 of the pandemic--the stump seems nicely healed and they seemed comfortable moving around. 

Pic: A card Nu made for me earlier this month.


Nicole said...

Oh Maya, I'm so sorry about your uncle. That's such a sad loss to your family. All of my condolences to you.

But...Nu made me laugh. Lololol! Only think of people you don't like!

Gillian said...


StephLove said...

That's a lot to deal with all at once. Nu's idea sounds like the basis for a horror novel.

Sweet card.

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole, Gillian, and Steph.
Nu 😂😂

NGS said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Hugs to you. There's no right way to grieve, as you know, and you're doing everything the way you need to.

maya said...

Thank you, Engie.

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