Monday, March 27, 2023

best friends

Scout's still lagging. I've been told to keep an eye on him, so that's what I'm doing. He seems a bit better today, but I'm not sure if that's just me seeing what I want to see.

Anyway, I'm spending a lot of time daydreaming about my India trip in August and writing back all the school friends who remembered me on my birthday. And it got me thinking back to those intense friendships of girlhood where I'd spend all day passing notes in class and come home to talk for hours on the telephone to the same people. I really had nothing going on in my life then, so I can't even imagine what we talked about.

It blew my mind when I realized that SD my bestest friend through grades 6-10 (Holy Angels Convent) and NJ, my bestest friend in grades 10-12 (Sacred Heart School) have never met each other despite living in the same city... and the same neighborhood (Adayar) all these decades. How did that happen? When I told my sister this, she didn't think it was surprising at all. I guess when you live in a big city, your standards for accidental meetings are different. Also--I think new best friend and old best friend may have been somewhat wary of each other back then? We're all so much more mellow now... I'm wondering if I should introduce SD and NJ to each other after all these years this August or if the universe will implode in some way if I do.

Pic: Huck urging Scout--"hurry up, catch up!"


Sarah said...

My 2 best friends from home were never friends with each other when we were younger, but now they are bet friends, too, and I love it so much.

Gillian said...

He does not look good.

StephLove said...

I'm often surprised the other way around, when I find out people I know know each other. Happened this morning while looking at Facebook. And the two people in question were at the same university at the same time I was, so it really should not have been that surprising. I've just never seen them interact before.

NGS said...

Two of my best friends live hundreds of miles away from me, but twenty miles from one another. They never hang out. I just do not understand this. They both love me, so obviously they have things in common, right? It befuddles me that friend of a friend isn't common ground enough for their own friendship!

I do hope Scout is rebounding. Cuddles/pets for him!

maya said...

Wow--it was so interesting to hear your best friend and friend tales, Sarah, Steph, and NGS! FWIW, I don't think my school besties could be besties (they're too different--esp. at this point when their life paths have really diverged).

And thank you for the well wishes for Scout, Gillian and NGS. He doesn't look quite so lethargic now, and I'm hopeful (fingers crossed!) that he'll be better tomorrow.

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