Sunday, March 12, 2023


Ok, I'm still here: trying to climb 
this ladder straight to sleep

breath slides down time, tries to flee
what continues to be today 

should I say my wild hopes out loud
counting uncertain sheep 

or could I reach--assuming I don't fall--
for the safety of dreams  
Pic: Scout and Huck critique Big A's downward dog.

(Actually... we set up for yoga, but Scout and Huck think mats are for wrestling.)


Nicole said...

Hahaha, Barks used to be like that, I could never have him in the room while I was doing yoga!

Gillian said...

Your dogs are yogis.

StephLove said...

Sorry for the sleep troubles.

NGS said...

My dog and cat think that as soon as the yoga mat comes out, it means I want to pet them. *shrug* I don't mind, to be perfectly honest.

Sarah said...

trying to climb this ladder straight to sleep-- LOVE this.

maya said...

Nicole, Gillian, NGS--You know how it is :). We love it here too!

StephLove--you are so sweet for commiserating, but it's my own damn fault for sleep procrastinating. A term I discovered only recently and which fits me perfectly.

Thanks, Sarah!

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