Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Ice storms today and no school for Nu (no school tomorrow either, as a matter of fact). Luckily, Big A was home so Nu got a nice, lazy day at home without having to schlep it to my work. 

Pic: I'm asleep with Scout and Huck on me. I wonder why I'm so serious in sleep.

A Shift
my bed is the place I remember
things I forgot at my desk
although I can't see in the dark
I can still see darkness 

work is a metropolis of clouds
and softest unknowing
I seek out the eye of the storm
and plan to claw it out  


Nicole said...

What a cute photo!
It's super cold here right now - not ice storm, but we did have a blizzard, and now it's minus 28 without the windchill. Brr!

StephLove said...

That's quite a sleepy pile.

It's supposed to hit 80 degrees here, which in case you're wondering, is not normal for February.

Gillian said...

It loves you.

NGS said...

I'm over the ice storm. I just spent a rough two hours and only managed to clear half the driveway. I'd prefer your nap!

maya said...

Nicole, I'm not even going to translate those numbers. That's cold! Brrr.
StephLove, not normal, but then your pictures of cherry blossoms were so pretty...
Gillian, YES! And I love them!
NGS, that's very virtuous of you... We hit 46 today and I just hoped it would all melt away (spoiler alert--it didn't).

Sarah said...

Great picture! It really captures a moment. I, too, am over the ice. Bah humbug.

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