Friday, February 24, 2023

ice, ice, Friday

I have to laugh because everyone at work asked how the drive up was, and to be honest--the iffiest part was our very long driveway. We still have crystal trees and a driveway that could be a skating rink. I thought our high of 46 yesterday would melt everything, but I was wrong. 

I also thought for sure that the falling ice--which was SO loud--would take out our roof and that we might lose power and I was wrong on both those counts... I'm happy to be wrong sometimes. 

Book club (Demon Copperhead) got postponed and an after-work hang with girlfriends got canceled. So I got home from work, dropped off At's new bank card (they lost their wallet last week), and hunkered down for an evening with Nu, Scout, and Huck (and Big A on Portal). I made a fish curry; Nu thought it was a stew: po-tay-toe, poh-tah-toe. Then an impromptu song fest with every Friday-themed song we could think of, including this one.

Pic: The backyard trees are sparkly, heavy, and creaky with ice. So pretty and a bit menacing.


Nicole said...

I am amazed that is your backyard. It's huge!! It's beautiful too and I AM SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T LOSE POWER. The streets here have been a total mess; with a huge dump of snow followed by extreme cold, even crossing the street is a terrifying operation. So slippery! I nearly bailed several times on my walk with Rex - I had my extra-warm boots on and I didn't switch the ice spikes over to them, thinking the snow would be grippy enough. I was wrong!

StephLove said...

People are getting excited here because we might get a half inch of snow today. (Snow is not usually so rare-- it's been a strangely un-wintry winter.) Glad you didn't lose power.

Gillian said...

Snow is better than ice.

maya said...


Glad you didn't wipe out, Nicole. I think Rex would have rescued you, had anything happened, but still. Yes, our backyard is a wilderness as it borders a train track.

StephLove, I saw you got a dusting of snow today... I hope that made you and Beth (she's the real snow enthusiast, right?) happy!

Gillian--I so agree!

NGS said...

Oh, I'm so happy you have power. Some of my friends in Michigan aren't expected to get their power back turned back on until late next week! That's crazy!

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