Tuesday, February 07, 2023

how CAN the kids be alright?

Nu had just raised their hand to answer a question in Spanish class; I'd just landed in my office and poured myself my first cup of tea. And then both of us got the news that Nu's school was on lockdown due to an active shooter. 

I've lived in fear of this since Sandy Hook, but there's no preparing for this kind of call from the school. Thankfully, it turned out to be a hoax. And everyone's okay.

But as I canceled my classes via email and sped to the church where families were supposed to pick up their kids, I kept thinking of this morning when we'd run a little late and Nu had to sprint to make the it on to the school bus... I kept wondering if I'd spend the rest of my life wishing they hadn't made it on to the school bus. 

I guess there's always a low-key anticipation of this happening if you live in the U.S. I remember not sending the kids back to school until well into the new year after Sandy Hook, although I didn't seem too bothered by a gun incident in a neighboring school district last month. The other time I had to pick up the kids due to a gun threat was when they were at ecocamp together.

This is a messed up way to live. I couldn't bear to be apart from Nu for the rest of the day after I picked them up... and I got absolutely no work done... Tomorrow, I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Pic: Students gathered in the football field from a news article.


Nicole said...

Oh, thank god it was a hoax. We had a hoax one year as well and I know exactly the feeling you describe. It is very uncommon here, but I am constantly shocked by the news from the States. When I was growing up, these things never happened! Or, rarely, maybe they did and I didn't know. I think it is just sickening. We parents trust that our kids are somewhere safe for the day. The fact is, they may not be.

maya said...

Right? This forever: https://www.theonion.com/no-way-to-prevent-this-says-only-nation-where-this-r-1819576527

StephLove said...

This has happened at North's school more than once. The most recent time (this fall? or winter?) they weren't back at school yet. It's awful that lockdowns, so far always practice or a hoax, are a regular part of our kids' educational experience.

Gillian said...

Good everybody is ok.

NGS said...

It's just so scary. I mean, yay that it was a hoax, but the trauma is still there, right?

maya said...

NGS--yes, this exactly... repetition-compulsion is real.

Steph--isn't that just such a shame? Sobering to think they've been preparing for it since Kindergarten at least.

Gillian--yes, thank goodness.

Sarah said...

Last year, the high school my kids go to was locked down SEVERAL TIMES for bomb threats, and it was so scary— and it also felt inevitable, like something that just hadn’t happened YET. I hate it.

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