Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday (high) five

1) Another brilliant day--plenty of time outside with Nu, Scout, and Huck and a long walk with L. The next sunny day is a week away, so I was glad to have today. 

2) Dropped Big A off at the train station. Boo. Hiss. But really, the January schedule has been okay-ish so far. He'll be back in three days. I can handle it.

3) Completed Laura Vanderkam's time tracking challenge. I wasn't surprised to see it inconsistent except for the 5/5:30 am wake up, tea, and meditate; kids' breakfast and walk to the school bus on the weekdays; and family dinner time around 5:30 pm every day. Apart from those, things were very whimsical--I could be working, reading, goofing off, sleeping, or some combination of those at 1:00 am, and I guess I'm ok with that. Early mornings and late nights are times when it's just me, and I delight in that. No shame.

4) Lovely Sistrum concert this afternoon with LB. Some truly uplifting singing. Friends GJ and RS sing with Sistrum and love it; RS has been encouraging me to join as she thinks it would help me through some of the more life-y things happening right now. We'll see. 

5) At was so chuffed to find out from an older cousin that their grandfather in Sri Lanka was a socialist organizer--my baby labor organizer is going to want to talk about this all the time now, I just know. 😂🥰


Nicole MacPherson said...

I loved every word of this, Maya! Well, except that Big A is away again but three days is okay! It's doable! You've got this.
I sometimes think about tracking my time in the day, and maybe I should. I will follow your lead! I love me some early morning time. Late night...well, no. I'm definitely an early bird but get sleepy by 9pm.
I went to a choir performance in December and I longed to join that choir. I love to sing but my voice isn't, um, very good. But how fun would it be to be in a group, singing. If you can swing it, I think you should! I'll live vicariously through you.
You must be so proud of At!

StephLove said...

I'm glad Big A will be home more this month.

I've done a few blog posts in which I track what I was doing all day (always on the first weekday of July). They seem so boring when I'm writing them, but years later I love to read them, because of how much things change as the kids get older. I'll probably do one this year.

Gillian said...

Nice Sunday Funday.

maya said...

Thanks, Nicole. I'm feeling more motivated to join the choir. I hope you do too, Nicole! They usually seem to need all voices, and I can tell from your post titles how much you like music!

StephLove, I would love to read "a day in the life of StephLove." You're so right about things changing... I can see I'm still desperately holding on to some things...

Yes, it was Gillian!

StephLove said...

Here's the first one I wrote, in 2008.

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