Monday, January 09, 2023

sitting pretty

The new term started today, so I got a walk with Big A in while it was still dark out. The pretty fairy lights in the MSU dining hall caught my eye and my camera caught the pink and blue sky above it. 

Little did I know that we'd get sunshine for the the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR later today. It was so lovely to see blue skies and sunlight. To our south, The Detroit Free Press started joking about it too: "Multiple locations across metro Detroit are detecting a bright, yellow, shining orb in the sky. We're working to confirm what exactly it is before it disappears." Good one, Freep!

Finalized the syllabuses and published the online material today. Contacted classes, independent study students, and the travel term. Did paperwork, finished up the last of the LORs, and the remaining journal review. Sent my apologies to an editor for work I won't be able to send him until later this week (hopefully). I think I've done all I can for the moment, but catch myself going over class materials obsessively... as always, I'm so excited/anxious for the first day (tomorrow).


Nicole said...

Good luck on your first day, my friend!
Calgary is a very cold place but it is also very sunny. Winters often have very blue skies, which is really pretty with the snow. I grew up here so I take it for granted - most people comment on it, who have come from places with gloomy winters. Something to feel grateful for!

Gillian said...

Good luck to you and students.

StephLove said...

Happy first day! I always used to like the beginnings of semesters, such a hopeful time.

maya said...

Thank you, kind friends!
Nicole--That sounds lovely... sunshine would make such a huge difference to my Michigan winter.

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