Wednesday, January 18, 2023

double bubble

The reflection of the graffiti doubled how colorful that patch of the bridge looked as L and I came around the bend, and it reminded me of Laura Gilpin's poem "Two-headed Calf." 

L hadn't heard of this amazing poem, so I found it on my phone and read it to her with my voice breaking at the end.

Then we finished up our walk and I headed into a day of meetings meetings meetings meetings.

And some good news from this week: two poems  accepted to an anthology of pandemic-era writing, and also accepted--an academic book proposal that the editor who wrote back characterized as "gentle and kind."


Nicole said...

That poem. Oh my goodness. I had never heard it either *sobs*

That is not just good news, that is GREAT news, Maya! Well done you!!!

Gillian said...

No more rejections for you. Congratulations.

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole!
(I had another book contract, which I wasn't able to deliver on--that's why my celebration sounds quiet, I guess...)

Thank you, Gillian!
I can handle rejections as long as there are acceptances too. I had one just the week before :D.

StephLove said...

Congrats on all the good news!

That's a striking photo and poem.

maya said...

Thank you, StephLove!

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