Sunday, January 22, 2023

Christmas #2

Happy for second Christmas. Happy to be back home.

I got some special things and books I hadn't known I should want--can't wait to start reading them. The kantha quilt and ceramic stovetop cookware we took the grandparents were very appreciated. 

Also, we sang so many Christmas carols and songs, it started to snow. 

So the roads were a bit anxiety-provoking on the way back. 

But it gave us lots of time to talk about important stuff like how both books published by my friends this year (Tale of the Dreamer's Son and The Dream Builders) have "dream" in them and what does that mean?!?! In other words, a lot of jabbering away. Or we were listening to the 90s station and trying to remember what we were doing that year. In 4th grade a very young Big A tried to get cute girls to notice him by offering to draw portraits of their Cabbage Patch dolls. Oh. My. Heart.

Pic: Our goth elf delivering presents.


Nicole said...

I have the Dream Builders on my read list. I really enjoyed Tale of the Dreamer's Son! You run in a talented circle, Maya!
That is just too cute, the Cabbage Patch Doll portraits. Awww! I often listen to decades-old music and think what I was doing when that song came on, etc.

StephLove said...

I'm glad you got a second chance Christmas with the in-laws.

Gillian said...

Christmas in January.

maya said...

Yes, Christmas in January, Gillian! Haha.

Thank you, StephLove!

Nicole, isn't remembering our younger selves quite the trip?!?!

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