Monday, January 16, 2023

all about that Huckie

When SD visited last year, one of the many things she did to ease my life was tell me about mobile groomers.  Our vet had stopped offering grooming services, and there are so many sad and scary stories about pet stores and mishaps, I was bit immobilized by choice. Then SD told me that people will come to your home and groom your puppies in their van in your driveway. How did I not know about this?!? 

Anyway, we've used Zoey's a couple of times now, and it's less stressful for both me and the pups. It is a bit of a running joke in the family though that every time Zoey posts a collage of Scout and Huck pics, it's almost always all Huckie because Scout looks so miserable in the most non photogenic way when he's not with family.

Cuddling with extra fluffy and nice smelling babies tonight.


Nicole said...

Mobile groomers is such a smart idea! There is a groomer who is a 1/2 km walk from my house, and I used to take Barkley there. It was so easy because I didn't have to get him into the car (his mobility was so bad later in life). But they don't take "big dogs" so I have had to drive Rex to his spa appointments! Maybe I should look into a mobile groomer.

maya said...

Baby Rex *is* a big one, isn't he?! Paradox! I hope you find a mobile spa--really simplified grooming day over here.

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