Saturday, December 03, 2022

uff... life

Life is always bewildering and some days are just a big punch... even from a distance. 

Yesterday, YS friends were cheerfully posting links to Steven Bognar's documentary about Jazz DJ Steve Schwerner.*

By the end of the day, my feed was filled with news that Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar's partner, had passed away

I was lying awake sometime after 3 am thinking about Steve Bognar and how up and down and all around life is.... And then I started thinking about Steve Schwerner. And how his rich and meaningful life is always overshadowed by the immense sacrifice of his brother Michael's life and death

*The documentary begins in our old Yellow Springs house, which we lived in after the Schwerners, and it was interesting to peek at a time before we lived there.


Nicole said...

I always learn something from you, Maya. I hadn't heard of any of these people before. Thank you!

StephLove said...

That would be cool to see an old house in a film. We moved A LOT when I was a kid, so there are a lot of houses I am curious about.

maya said...

Nicole, that's so sweet of you to say! Yellow Springs, Big A's hometown where his mom still lives, has lots of interesting people I got to know when we lived there for a few years. I don't think any of these people are household names except for Michael Schwerner (especially if people have seen the movie Mississippi Burning). Coretta Scott-King, Dave Chappelle, John Lithgow, and the current Ohio governor Mike DeWine are also from this village with a population of about 3000!

Steph--I am so curious about old childhood homes too! I don't get the chance very often, but I do at least drive past when I get a chance.

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