Tuesday, December 13, 2022

in the plot to continue

here I am safe, fattening on whatever I can find 
remembering what it used be like out there 
the hunger spreading like an empty field 

where I kept making the same skeletal mistake 
over and over like the single kernel from 
which whole fields once generated 

greater than any winter ripening is the beauty
of appetite, my favorite part of the future 
formidable as seeds springing up 

Pic: A plump red cardinal; MSU Riverwalk with Big A.


Nicole MacPherson said...

What a great photo, Maya. Such a beautiful bird (and I'm so happy Big A is back, will it be for a while now?)

Gillian said...

I like the farming theme in the poem.

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole and Gillian!
Nicole--he'll have to work Christmas Eve since he had Thanksgiving off, but it is for a bit :).

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