Monday, December 19, 2022

at a stand still

after all these years 
I'll still write you poetry
you'll still bring me flowers
after all these years 
you'll will me to learn how to
pop open the hood of our car 
refill the reservoir with cleaner 
in all these years
I had not done this for myself
trusting you to be continuous
as a stream, as the sun, without end
until the years sloped into forever
but I can understand too 
because of all our years 
how you'll will me to be safe
so I can wait clunky as hope 
while you are gone and still
be here when you return 
for many more years
Pic: The Red Cedar River in the falling snow.


Nicole said...

Oh, I really liked this, Maya.

StephLove said...


maya said...

Thank you, Nicole and StephLove <3

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