Friday, December 23, 2022



Ha. This Venn diagram. I did all the things yesterday and that included being in what the image terms "the depths of meijer hell" (Meijer is our supermarket chain). I got home feeling accomplished and stocked up and ready for the storms and also the celebrations; just praying that the electricity would stay on and that there would be no emergencies that would require me to leave the house or drive. 

Since yesterday, I've learned that there was a fire at a nearby apartment complex and over thirty families were displaced. And then someone else posted that their boyfriend had ridden the bus to a warming center the city was supposed to open, but it wasn't open. And an old person died--curled up in a parking lot. All this is so messed up. Certainly not what I wanted to be thinking about... but it's so cold and so close by, avoiding it would be additional cruelty. We've already done a little less for ourselves and a little more for others this year, but I had to find ways to dig a little deeper today. 

Oh, the snow did come down and it was beautiful. I must remember to take pictures tomorrow.


StephLove said...

We drove to snow today. We're in West Virginia now, in a state park.

maya said...

Wow! Can't wait to read about it!

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