Thursday, October 06, 2022

people all over the world

Our roundtable went well. It's part of a larger project, so it was great to know that other teachers were interested in having this conversation as well. 

EM and I treated ourselves to a poke bowls for dinner and then headed off to our rooms for quiet time. I'm loving my grown up quiet time.

But suddenly I started thinking about how my fam is currently spread out across three states (me in Indiana, At in Michigan, Big A with Nu, Scout, and Huck in his apartment in Wisconsin) and sleep fled. 

And then I started thinking about my parents on the other side of the world in Bangalore, my sister on her vacation in Goa, my mom and her sisters heading off to Pondycherry for the pooja soon, and so on and so on... I stayed up for a a long time. I'm hilarious.

Pic: Big A's pic of the pups in bed in Milwaukee.


StephLove said...

I had that feeling when I was in Oregon with my mom, Beth and North were in Maryland, and Noah was in Australia. Not to mention my sister and her family in California, with frequent treks back to Oregon (two in the week I was there). It's a strange feeling.

StephLove said...

p.s. Glad the roundtable went well.

maya said...

Thank you, Steph. Yes--exactly, it wasn't scary and there's nothing one can do about it, but it did feel odd.

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