Saturday, October 29, 2022

it was going to be a good day

The roofers are finally gone/done (for now at least). So I did hours of yard work to celebrate the removal of the scaffolding that killed my plants. After living under tarps and boarded up skylights since June, it was glorious to clear up the tea garden and hang out in the sunshine with Scout and Huck.

Then Big A called to say he was sick and then it turned out he has Covid--again. (He'd had it May 2020 when he went to help out in NYC.) I kind of want to go to Milwaukee and bring him home, but he thinks he should quarantine in place.

Now I can't think about anything except how he's there all by himself with no one to help.


Nicole MacPherson said...

Oh poor Big A! I hope he has a very very very mild case and recovers quickly. I don't think I knew he had it in May 2020 - such a scary time.

I'm glad you aren't living under a tarp anymore though! Just in time for winter.

Take care, my friend, I'm sure this is very scary for you. xoxoxo

StephLove said...

I'm sorry, Maya. I hope it's mild.

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