Thursday, October 20, 2022

in the place I asked for

one day, I thought I saw 
you--back in life, though
not in mine
                     I followed you through
                     streets--you had errands
                     but no home
                                                         now I make a boat for you
                                                         clean it of sadness and
                                                         stock it with food 
                                                lay in strong thoughts
                                                and soft words and 
                                                welcome shores
                     if there is a way, maybe
                     this is it, you'll lift like
                     a tide, finding love
until it sets me free too
so I too can live--
as I already do


StephLove said...

Is it a shape poem? The prow of a boat?

maya said...

Steph, I tried 😏

an unfolding

I have been dreaming of people invisible mountains I exhaled  into existing twisting, quickening and though  short-lived as grass, are seeds...