Monday, October 24, 2022

Happy Diwali!

May there be bright and sweet  happiness through the year!  

It was a long work day today, but we'd already had a pooja last night after birthday cake (with the whole fam), and another one tonight (just Nu, the pups, and me). 

Also, I love this picture of my babies' hands.

In "baby" news: At took some diyas and a box of kumkum to set up his own small altar at his place. Nu had to come in to work with me Friday and today (odd four-day weekend)--I expected him to be grumpy about it, but he was quite sweet and annotated the new Taylor Swift for me in the car. 

In "India" news: Lots of pictures of beautiful lamps and altars from home. One of the sweetest holiday videos this weekend was one of my parents and assorted aunts and uncles playing dumb charades at a party. It made me laugh (and also cry). 


Nicole MacPherson said...

What a lovely post this was to read, Maya. Happy Diwali to you! Love and light!

Gillian said...

Happy belated Diwali

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Happy Diwali! May your year be filled with light.

StephLove said...

Happy Diwali (belated)

maya said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Nicole, Gillian, Melissa, and Steph XOXO

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