Monday, October 17, 2022


Long (good!) teaching day. It's like clockwork: midterm comes around and I realize I love my students. Things have been difficult at home this year, so I worried I wouldn't be able to connect... but Whoomp, There It Is! "I'm taking it back to the old school/'cos I'm an old fool." I'm glad to know my heart still works.

Big A is back in MKE; Nu hung out at a friend's until I got home; roofers didn't show again; I got to see At on a live podcast last night; Nu and I got most things checked off our list today. There are some yays in there. 

Pic: Scout calling Nu to come in for dinner.


Nicole said...

I JUST HEARD THAT SONG YESTERDAY! We are on the same weird 90s wavelength!

StephLove said...

Some yahs is good.

Gillian said...

Ordinary days can be good.

maya said...

Nicole: "Can you dig it?" 😂 I can't say I haven't used the song as a personal mantra forever.

Thank you, Steph and Gillian!

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