Thursday, September 01, 2022

yes and no

YES: Dropped off a handmade card for the new union. (Pic) 

NO: Hallmark hasn't stepped up to this opportunity yet--when I googled "Congratulations on your Union," all I got were wedding cards. (Ha)


YES: I've been shopping for groceries with two crates I keep in the car for a while now. It's much easier than bagging, everything stays upright, and it's easy to eyeball when I have enough food for the week. I highly recommend my crate method!

NO: I do not recommend setting the crates down on the stovetop (and accidentally turning on the stove by leaning on the knobs) because you might set your fresh groceries on fire, the smoke alarm might make your puppies go bonkers, and it could leave the house smelling like the inside of a cigar store. Could have been way worse, I suppose.


StephLove said...

Oh yikes! Sounds like something I might do.

Gillian said...

Nice card. Never put anything flammable on stovetop.

Nicole said...

I have that kind of stove too, where you can bump the knobs and it turns on. I had people over for a party (years ago when we HAD parties!) and someone accidentally leaned on the stove, turned it on, and almost burned themselves. Because of that I am paranoid to put anything at all on the stove, so I can totally see this happening! Aieeeeee!

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