Friday, September 09, 2022

up next

fog like whiteness giving over to nothing
only scarves and neckties are flowering
I play a matchbox and then a jukebox
sitting here quietly with my knife

I cut a path of spirals through smiles
of my own motherhood brimming
only to hide under frosty glares
as though the sky is burning 

isn't it strange how we define words
with more words and... gesturing
how even the ruins of a day
can be filled with people
Note: KB talked to KO and I got a long, kind, and helpful walk-and-talk about options (with KO). Cannot describe how it feels to be understood and validated.


StephLove said...

Yes, that kind of companionship is so important...

maya said...

Friend! It has been a summer of keeping secrets, and it felt good to share.

all set to start

 Navaratri celebrations tonight! "Take homes" (snack boxes and gift bags) and our miniature magic forest "Golu" are read...