Saturday, September 17, 2022

time begins to hurt when

the leaf's green and the river's green 
hesitate on unripeness 
but I am sun-warmed and life-bound 
and have to try it

for you are taller than I can remember
stronger than you know
yet here I am trying to keep the monster
hidden... and quiet

O hush little baby, let's flee this moment 
in its blossoming bruises
for my mind is still trapped underwater
and cannot anchor it 

 Pic: Red Cedar, earlier this week. (I needed a reminder of calm after some particularly horrible hours this morning. I'm thankful for Big A being there and community help.)


StephLove said...

We went through some really hard times with North two years ago, from the summer before 9th grade through the next winter. It did get better, not completely but a lot. I can't make promises, but I thought it might help to hear that.

maya said...

StephLove--thank you for this. I'm sorry you all had those hard times, and I wouldn't wish ours on anyone. But the hope you offer is very welcome. And thank you as always for your kindness. <3

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