Wednesday, September 14, 2022


The moon was still up in the sky when Scout, Huck, and I took Nu to the school bus before I went to work and back in the sky when I got home. Three classes, three meetings, and all of them very necessary. It helped that Big A helped in the morning before he left to take the ferry back to WI and At came over in the afternoon to hang out with Nu (and took Nu to some labor meetings 💗) while I was at work. 

I brought back some Angel Tears and Devil Tears from Pizza 1 One for the kids. A long time ago, L asked what they were and I described them; she then summarized that it sounded like they had taken the one healthy thing about pizza (the tomato sauce) and left all the other stuff. She's right. These "tears" always get a rockstar welcome from the kids though--yesterday was no exception.

There was a comment on yesterday's post, which was very true in that there were only two people in my photo. I struggle with this a lot. When we moved to this house we were eight human and non human persons and three generations--my parents, Big A and me, and the two human and two canine kids. It does feel kind of empty with just Nu, part-time Big A, and me as the humans living in this house now. I'm trying to come to terms and make peace and all that jazz because I know that this is the way of things. But it's not easy. And I haven't been successful. (Nicole--I must really put Philpott's Bomb Shelter on my list RIGHT NOW.)


StephLove said...

I'm sorry the house feels empty sometimes. I often experience that after a multigenerational family vacation, but I've never lived full time with parents and kids at the same time. And having your spouse away so often has got to be hard.

I do envy you having your oldest close by, though. I wonder where Noah will settle when he graduates next spring. He doesn't have any idea right now.

Gillian said...

Sorry to make you sad.

maya said...

Gillian, *you* didn't make me sad; life changes did!
StephLove--Yes, It is nice having At close although we may not see him for weeks. Noah has the world to choose from it's true, so I'm glad you live in a city with direct flights everywhere.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Maya, I am so sorry you're feeling sad and lonely. That book was really good and it may make you cathartic cry. My kids are still at home and yet I feel time ticking away.

maya said...

Thanks, Nicole. I need catharsis for sure. XOXO

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