Monday, August 01, 2022

we won't talk (about)

no one called out but I looked again
tree light pouring through me

where I once felt nothing but abyss
I hear love spread like a gasp 

tonight I may fall for rumors and loss
for I will never stop migrating 

ask me how I can show up alone again
jumping from caesura to synapse

Pic: Baker Woods with L and Nu.

Note: Last week's cousin trip didn't happen because someone tested positive for Covid; this week's SD visit might not happen because someone else tested positive for Covid... I am so tired of this pandemic and missing people I really want to see.


StephLove said...

We have a beach trip with extended family planned for next week and then the week after that North goes to sleep away camp and I have my fingers crossed nothing goes wrong with either of those.

Chiconky said...

I'm so sorry. Stupid pandemic. I hope frustration was the worst symptom and everyone is feeling better soon

maya said...

StephLove, I hope all goes well with your beach trip and North's camp! I think the peak was a couple of weeks ago, so I have a good feeling for you. <3

Chiconky--Thankfully, this strain seems everywhere, but is relatively mild, and people are feeling better. Thanks for the redirect!! <3

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