Friday, August 05, 2022

unexpected sweetness

When we dropped Big A off at the train station the other day, I noticed a huge new sports complex on Service Rd., so I took L and Nu to see it on this morning's walk.  

Except--by the time we marveled over how quickly the complex had gone up and commiserated over how we wouldn't be able to traipse over the fields as a shortcut as we used to--there was a very long and slow train stuck on the tracks blocking our way home. 

Thankfully, Nu suggested we go to Chapelure, and thankfully, I carry a credit card on the little pocket on my phone so we did. Coffee for L, tea for me, a three-course breakfast for Nu, a chance to sit on the patio and pretend we were in Paris (Nu had a croissant), and it was an unexpected treat on an ordinary Friday morning.

Pic: When LB and TB came over for dinner, they brought this arrangement of flowers from their garden. It's arranged in a sundae glass and has two straws it it. So cute!


Nicole MacPherson said...

What a beautiful arrangement!

Sorry I have been so remiss on my blog reading - I am trying to get all caught up!

StephLove said...

It's nice how many walks you all take together, whether they lead you to unexpected places or not.

maya said...

Missed you, Nicole. But there's no quiz--haha. Hope you're having so much summer fun!

StephLove, the walks have been a sanity saver in so many ways. Nu is in it purely for the bribes, but I'll take what I can get :D.

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