Wednesday, August 03, 2022


I sent a 15-second loop of the Red Cedar flowing under the Spartan Bridge to the family chat, because I felt we could all use it today. 


I walked A LOT today: four miles with Nu, two miles with Big A after Nu's medical appointment and my NWSA meeting, and then another four miles by myself because I felt kind of jumpy and wanted to tire myself out. 


SD, my dear friend of 25 years who lives in DC and was going to spend the rest of the week with us here, had to postpone her trip due to a Covid exposure. But we already have a new date and new plans: she's going to come in the last week of September and maybe visit one of my classes, so I'm excited about that. 


An unlooked for bonus is that I'd arranged for small dinner parties tomorrow and the day after to entertain her. Those gatherings are still happening, so it'll still be somewhat convivial around here.  


StephLove said...

That's a lot of walking. Hope it helped. I'm sorry your friend's visit was postponed. It will be cool for her to see your class, though.

Gillian said...

Impressive walking.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Wow, that’s a lot of walking!
Sorry your friend isn’t able to make it, but yay for dinner parties. That will help a lot. xo

maya said...

I think I'm ready for some big hikes now :).

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