Sunday, August 28, 2022

Six on a Sunday

*     Pic: Just a silly picture Nu and I took the other day. We like squirrels. And we like how this one seems to have claimed a local church. 

*     Speaking of church--UU was one of our first stops  today. Nu is helping in the little kids' room instead of doing R.E. with his own set and liking it. Also, the MI Lieutenant Governor was at the service and everyone waved to him. Singing has been back for a while, and I'm loving it.

*     Between meeting CF (massage) and BES (dinner prep) and EM (birthday celebration) in person this weekend and  marathon text threads and FaceTimes with the cousins, fam, and friends--It was a rather intense social weekend.

*     On the other hand, I did a TON of work today with new students. It's a Sunday, but then it's the start of the semester and they're new and seemed a bit lost, so... 

*     All the syllabuses and diagnostics for tomorrow are uploaded on Canvas. So there's nothing left to do but get some sleep, hope the documents stay stable, and look forward to tomorrow with that classic first-day-combination of jittery excitement and flustery edginess. 

*     Bye-bye sabbatical!


Nicole MacPherson said...

Good luck today!
I loved reading this. If you love squirrels, you'd love where I live. We have so many squirrels in our yard/ neighbourhood. Barkley once caught a squirrel and almost killed it! Yeeesh. But there are many squirrels and honestly, they are a bit of a pest for digging things up in the garden, but they are cute too.
I'm so glad you're back at church and singing! The best. It sounds like a busy busy busy weekend. xo

maya said...

I adore your squirrel and deer pics, Nicole.
StephLove, it did look like the squirrel's house. Ha. Hope North had a great first day!

Gillian said...

Best wishes.

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