Monday, August 08, 2022


In my head At may be a baby/toddler/kid/young adult... but in actuality, he's 23; an adult. And  relationally speaking, also my child. Navigating being loving and supportive without being intrusive has been something I've been conscious of working on for a while now. 

Parenthood's most persistent fear has been about losing my kids (to disaster/ill health). So it was horrifying to read about another take on this loss in the pull quote on this article about parent-child estrangement in The Atlantic: "you can be a conscientious parent and your kid may still want nothing to do with you when they’re older." 

The article then goes on to say that there are usually reasons for parent-child estrangement even if it has to do with how the parent and the child see the past differently. 

Very yikes. A cautionary tale, I guess, but what can anyone do about the past anyway?

Pic: Eyde Woods; The Red Cedar River muddy post rain.


Nicole said...

Should I read that article? Or is it too anxiety inducing, because, as you say, what can you do about the past anyway? Losing my kids in any way is my biggest fear as well. I mean, I guess it's everyone's, but yikes.

maya said...

Nicole. The article really isn't that bad. It suggests a way forward even for people who've done harm to their kids--apologize and make amends, etc. I think there's always hope if people's hearts are in it. <3

StephLove said...

I keep seeing that article in my FB feed, but I was afraid to read it.

maya said...

StephLove: It turned out to not be too scary, after all.

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