Wednesday, July 20, 2022

they say you're only as happy as your unhappiest child

...and they would be right. 

My kids aren't alright.

These two synchronized sleepers are mostly ok, (though a bit lonely with At away and Big A gone so much).

At is a bit stressed about NLRB elections especially since the only other Chipotle to apply for a union is being shut down as this article details.

Nu is having a very tough time although we've surrounded him with love and support. All I can do is try harder. 


Nicole said...

Oh, Maya, I wish I could support you or help you in some way. Sending lots of love. xoxoxo

StephLove said...

I heard about that store and thought of At.

I hope things look up for Nu.

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole and StephLove your kindness means a lot right now. Sorry to be a bit of a downer lately! Love right back at you!!!!

StephLove--with the closure of the Maine Chipotle, attention is now gathering around At's store and we're concerned for him and his coworkers.

Chiconky said...

Sending you so much love and strength. I only know them through these funny little blogs but know that I'm rooting for them <3

maya said...

Thank you, Chiconky. Given what you do, I imagine you reading between the lines, so your support means so much. Thank you for rooting for my beautiful and imperfect little ones. <3


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