Saturday, July 09, 2022

picnic cookies and cat cafés

I headed to RS's mom's memorial service today. I was there mainly to support RS, but it felt poignant learning that her mom remade her life in her 40s--getting a divorce, going back to school, and becoming a social worker. The grownup grandkids, now teachers themselves, remembered fondly how she would take them on picnics to the hill behind her apartment complex and they'd feast on homemade sandwiches and Milano cookies. Fittingly, there were Milano cookies at the outdoor reception later.

While I was gone all afternoon, Big A took Nu to the cat café where Nu played with all the cats he wanted to and had a great time. Big A and I are both allergic (and I'm mildly  ailurophobic) so poor Nu has to make do with visiting. I've been informed that when Nu is grownup, he will live with cats and rats and that we can take allergy meds when we want to visit. I think that's very fair.

Pic: Nu making a cat friend (and Big A's reflection).



Nicole MacPherson said...

I really love hearing stories about people remaking their lives - it's so interesting. Every person has a story, every person is a novel.

My husband is very allergic to cats as well, but luckily we are all dog people.

maya said...

Yes, there's something very powerful about that... always makes me wish I had known them before.

Ah but you're ALL dog people, we have a little traitor in our midst 😊.

StephLove said...

We went to place like that a couple years ago, just before the pandemic. North's been wanting to go back but it's an hour and a half from here. And we have a cat at home.

maya said...

That's funny when you already have a cat at home :) Nu is like that too, actually (with dogs).

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