Sunday, July 24, 2022


This poem by Pat Schneider is a lovely reminder to be grateful for details in our lives. But I'm guessing it's not good when only inanimate objects come through for you?

Good: Catching up with EM, BS, and JG after a couple of weeks having too much going on. I appreciate their love, support, expertise, and empathy so much.

Bad: Toss up between the UU trip that didn't happen to the 911 call that almost did.

Ugly: Websites that tell me facts I'm not ready to hear.


StephLove said...

Agree, with both ways of reading that.

Glad you didn't have to call 911.

maya said...

StephLove, I found another poem that does this brilliantly:

What happened is, we grew lonely
living among the things,
so we gave the clock a face,
the chair a back,
the table four stout legs
which will never suffer fatigue.

We fitted our shoes with tongues
as smooth as our own
and hung tongues inside bells
so we could listen
to their emotional language,

and because we loved graceful profiles
the pitcher received a lip,
the bottle a long, slender neck.

Even what was beyond us
was recast in our image;
we gave the country a heart,
the storm an eye,
the cave a mouth
so we could pass into safety.

StephLove said...

When Noah was three years old he was in Suzuki violin lessons and the teacher was teaching him the names of the parts of the violin, some of which are human body parts (neck, ribs) and he asked, "Does it have a penis?" To her credit, she kept a straight face when she said no.

maya said...



A cold day, but beautiful.  Walks with some of my favorite people: L, Big A,  me... Pic: An icy Red Cedar River