Monday, July 18, 2022

one child

one child says their name is nothing
one child says they love you not
one child says they love you 
but not themselves

one child has put themselves to bed
one child refuses to go to sleep
one child just can't stand it
can never rest enough

one child lies without thinking twice
one child tells only horrific truths
one child will read nothing 
says everything is dumb 

one child is too large for this house
one child is tiny enough to vanish
one child doesn't want to know 
there's only one... child...

Pic: Red Cedar River, mental health walk by myself. 


StephLove said...

Lovely closing

Nicole said...

I know you're going through a hard time. Sending love. xoxo

maya said...

Thank you, StephLove... I usually just trail off, but have managed to stick the landing a couple of times this year.

Nicole... thank you <3 (You're right, of course and this means a lot.)


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