Sunday, June 12, 2022


So much talking: a mix of nostalgia, memories, and future plans. 

(This included an all family summit on how do we solve a problem like the Nu. In my book, there is no problem, but I know this came from a place of love, so I listened and made the right noises.)

My memory of this day is as fuzzy as this pic, but I remember feeling so loved.



StephLove said...

Both grandmothers are puzzled by North recently, esp. Beth's mom, to the point where the relationship between them (North and the grandmother) is fraying. I hope our beach week in August makes things better rather than worse.

I am often puzzled by North, too, truth be told, but not on precisely the same issues.

Gillian said...

Very fuzzy. Cannot make out what you are wearing.

maya said...

Gillian--It was a shiny dress.

StephLove--I feel like I'm in the same place. Everyone loves each other, but there's so much we all have to learn and forgive.

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