Thursday, June 16, 2022

downer alert

Nu was in the E.R. overnight again. This time Big A was home--I felt so thankful about that. Should I be thankful for anything when my child is in the E.R.? Is that stupid? We're trying all over again to surround Nu with the care and support he needs. 

Along with the roof ruckus, came the quick death of my garden--perennials like lilac, phlox, hydrangeas, hostas have all been squashed flat. All the annuals--coleus, begonias, geraniums--ditto. If they'd asked me to move my precious plants ahead of time, I would have found a way to do that. Somehow the peony bush seems to have survived. Yay? Friends think the perennials will come back next year... Yay, I guess. 

I keep thinking the garden looks like devastation and that I'm devastated. And then of all things, I worry I'm exaggerating my feelings. Things are worse in the world and could be worse here too. There's nothing to do but get through.  

Pic: My flattened garden. Just a few weeks ago, I was so hopeful about starting.


Nicole MacPherson said...

Oh no! I hope Nu is okay and that he is home soon. Poor kid. Also, I'm sad for you and your flowers, I would be devastated too.

StephLove said...

I'm sorry to hear Nu's still have difficulties. And sorry about the garden, too. It's normal to get attached to plants you've nurtured.

maya said...

Thank you for your empathy and good wishes, Nicole and StephLove. <3 <3


Some days are just about Huckleberry sticking out their tongue and trying to boop you on the nose.  That's all I have in me today.