Tuesday, June 14, 2022

and that's (not) a wrap

I came home to the roofers hard at work with Tyvek wrap around the front of the house too. Older pictures I've posted show we've had that bright blue tarp up on the back roof for a long ass time

And while we've looked forward to this day for over three years, nothing could have prepared us for the all-day hammering, trampled garden, and glass from the skylights everywhere. (Thankfully broken skylight glass is clumpy and cubed like car windshield glass--not slivers.)

And now we hear the roof beams are rotted and need replacing ($$$). Plus they need to be ordered and that will take time. I know there's a crying jag coming my way any time now.


StephLove said...

Oh dear, that does sound like a lot to deal with. (And you're scaring me a little, as our repairs haven't started.)

Gillian said...

Sounds horrible.

maya said...

I'm sorry for adding to your anxiety, StephLove! Your roof problem seems confined to one location, so I have the feeling it will not become a saga like ours.

Gillian--it is :/.

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