Tuesday, May 17, 2022

recuperation update

It was a *lovely* day outside and I worked in the garden with Scout and Huckie all morning. At (looking kind of sickly in the slope of his shoulders here) came outside to read for a bit and I stayed out longer than I would have because it felt so nice to have those three around me.

Have to say Big A and Nu have been arbitrary and weird about At's Covid. Nu didn't want to eat in the same room (he'd have been over 8-10 feet away) and Big A thought At shouldn't share a bathroom with anyone (although we've been at airports and work and stuff).  

Hmm. They've also said I was "not taking it seriously enough" and must be "wrongly feeling invincible" although I thought I was being careful in masking with a K-95 any time I was in his room. My family is weird is all I can say.

Later in the day, At took a negative Covid test and took off for his apartment since he "has" to be at work tomorrow. His work didn't require a test; I did. 

Anyway--perhaps it was the gardening and outside time that helped, because I have the same things hanging over me, but I was way less flustered today.


Nicole said...

When my son first had Covid, he was completely asymptomatic so I just figured we all had been exposed for a while, so he didn't isolate. Also, we have a bungalow that's 1100 square feet, so isolation is almost impossible! Good luck.

StephLove said...

Beth and I were talking last night about how hard it is to know what's overreacting and under-reacting to covid and how our own precautions aren't completely consistent.

maya said...

Nicole--Space was certainly a plus in deciding to isolate. That said, I loved our smaller living space when the kids were younger and I could see/hear them at all times.

StephLove--thanks for the reminder that we're all dealing with this in personal (and inconsistent) ways! I've eaten in a restaurant and yet sanitize groceries like a goose, so I'm not exempt at all.

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