Saturday, May 21, 2022


I started working in the "secret garden" this week. Clearly, I have lots left to tidy, trim, etc... but I went ahead and planted stuff because I knew it would make me happy. And I took a picture, because who knows how long things will last--deer ate the lilacs, hostas, and hydrangeas down to their stalks last year.  

I started this garden in 2020 for Nu, but like many other things, I seem to be the one holding on to something after the kid(s) seems to have lost interest. Nu was the best gardening companion, I hope this'll be something he's interested in again when summer break starts. In the meantime, I'm lucky that Scout and Huck will keep me company for hours while I garden.

Today--it's just the puppies and me at home. Nu is off at a sleepover and Big A is at work. A glimpse of times to come? I suppose. 

[I will note that not having to feed a growing child with allergies or a fussy spouse is very liberating in terms of food choices. I made such a delicious spicy mango salad with peanuts for my dinner.]


Gillian said...

Very green garden.

StephLove said...

That's gorgeous.

Does Nu alternate between he/him and they/them pronouns? North has some friends who do that. I would find that hard to navigate as a parent, but I guess you get used to it.

maya said...

Thank you, Gillian and StephLove.

StephLove--Nu has been transitioning to he/him over the past few months. It feels very... binary :). And I would find it difficult to alternate too! (In my parent group on FB, I've heard of kids using different colored bracelets to signal pronouns for the day, and am relieved I don't have to do that.)

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