Friday, May 06, 2022

here and there


Look! It's my baby sibling and my ole parents looking extra cute in matching baby pink outfits to celebrate their first visit to a mall since the pandemic started. #TwoYears #Bangalore

It's Mothers' Day AND my mom's actual birthday on Sunday, and I wish I could be there for that!

Over here, I spent most of the day on camera and yet felt like I accomplished very little. Having to be ON so much meant I couldn't read/write/run/snack/clean and that's usually what keeps me feeling balanced/happy/healthy/content/okay-ish.

Anyway... onward!


Nicole Boyhouse said...

We are celebrating my mom's birthday today! Hers is actually next week but it's always pretty close to Mother's Day. Happy happy to your mom and happy Mother's Day to you! xo

StephLove said...

Happy birthday to your mom. Mine is sometimes on Mother's Day but not this year.

maya said...

Wow! Happy birthdays to your mamas, Nicole and StephLove... and Happy Mother's Day to you both!! <3 <3

StephLove said...

I meant my birthday, not my mom's.

maya said...

Early Happy Birthday to you, StephLove!!!

(Re-reading, I can see what you meant--I was so taken by the coincidence, I read it wrong.)

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