Friday, April 01, 2022

upcoming (re)union

A short lunchtime stroll to Luckie St. and MLK Square yielded this vista of daffodils and fountains.

Bought myself chocolate and a plug with a USB port (the hotel is so old it doesn't have USB ports to charge my phone) at the CVS and headed back. Traveling with just a backpack means I never buy/pack superfluous stuff anymore.

SO READY to get home tomorrow and see my three youngest (Nu, Scout, Huck).

And SO EXCITED for the successful unionizing effort at the Amazon warehouse in Staten Island. Do other people's family chats nerd out about things like this too? This news forward was the one text that received hearts amongst all the little bickering about whose turn it was to empty the dishwasher (while I'm gone) yesterday. #Atlanta


Nicole said...

Oooh look at all those daffodils!

maya said...

Right? They've been there at least a week too, by the look of them.

StephLove said...

Beth works as the communications director for a union that assisted with the efforts in a behind the scenes kind of way, so yes, very excited.

maya said...

StephLove, I saw that in your tag for Beth on your blog. Have to say, I have wished my At (very focused on labor organizing) could meet her some day!

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