Friday, March 11, 2022


Serious face (and reading glasses) on for chairing the Michigan Academy WGS section conference proceedings. Just so incredibly invigorated by the work of students and colleagues who presented and happy to build some mentoring and networking in there too. 

I have another conference (SALA) coming up tomorrow where I will have to present a paper, and then poetry selections to finalize for Jaggery, tons of  22 advisee and committee meetings next week, and a campus-wide women's month presentation on the same day of Nu's first appointment with a new therapist. Add international and pandemic news, what I'm reading (Laurie Frankel's This is How it Always Is), surprise snow instead of spring today, and the knowledge that Big A will be home for just two days in the next eight and it has me feeling... panicky. 

But one step at a time will get me there. First step: finishing up my slides for tomorrow's talk. Second step: preparing to let tomorrow be another dry shampoo kind of day.


Nicole MacPherson said...

Good luck at your presentation! You'll rock it, I'm sure.

I read that book, and I CANNOT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS. I know it was about a little boy who wants to be a girl, but I can't remember a single thing about it, other than that. Maybe I should reread it.

Dry shampoo - what a great invention.

maya said...

Thank you, thank you, Nicole! I got a magical extra hour because the conference is on Central Time. (And you remembered the book just right--right now they've just moved from Madison (WI) to Seattle for a better life.)

Gillian said...

You'll get through this week, girl. I send good juju.

StephLove said...

We got some of the white stuff, too. I can't even bring myself to say the word when it happens in March, not that it's actually that unusual. Beth feels differently. She loves it any no matter what month.

maya said...

StephLove, I'm borrowing your term "the white stuff!" That's funny.

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