Sunday, March 27, 2022

appearing overnight

I used to climb black trees in my childhood
knowing leaves then as outbound beacons
who taught me places I know only now 
I twisted my braids with longing 

My arms become spears of bewilderment
they branch into wild whitenesses
prickle open rooms of secrets
stake it all so I can see

This morning I reached into another day
to eclipse gravity, light, and language
beloved, who is this wild animal 
with its tiled back turned

mouth around your moments of darkness
whisper to me the place it came from 
why does it watch for you to sleep
creep glances to your chest


Note: Woke with the image of a beast looking down at something it held in its hands. Unsettling. Had two hikes canceled (snow + wind) and people's moods at home went up and down all day... I'm glad today is done. 


Nicole said...

Big hugs, friend. xo

maya said...

Thank you, kind friend <3

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