Friday, February 11, 2022

don't look now, I'm changing

I know I'm in the minority here, but I LOVE Facebook. Not the corporation--just the community. 

With family, friends, colleagues, and loves on every continent it's the best way I have to keep in touch with what's going on in people's lives. There are a few chat and text groups that are active all day long (family, cousins, kids), but Facebook is great at filling the gaps in between actual conversations with lots of other people. I can think of so many great ongoing friendships over the last two decades that started as online interactions.

Anyway... I do wish ole FB would let me change my profile pic without making a big production of it. No matter how stealthily I update my picture (the previous one was masked and I was tired of it and the pandemic), the change goes out to other people's timelines. I *cringe* to think that people think I *want* them to notice my new picture or that I *want* them to make soothing comments about aging and all that. I don't mind when the love is for my awesome graduate or my awesome babies, though.


Nicole MacPherson said...

I love Facebook too, and I have noticed that it is a HUGE thing when you change your photo, which I like to do every year because I like to SHOW MY AGING FACE. I like to think that if you flipped through my profile photos you could see me age in slow motion. Ha! Kidding, sort of. Anyway, YES, it is so silly when you change something like that and it's a huge deal. Also, it is always kind of weird when someone changes their relationship status. "Wait, x went from married to single? When did that happen?" Ah, the perils of social media.

maya said...

Haha, right? I wish there was an option to change things in stealth mode if we don't want a ton of attention.

Also--what a fun flipbook profile pics over the years would make!

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