Saturday, January 08, 2022

"little talks"

1)    This past week, I've had some tough conversations with Big A (diminishing family time); Nu (screen time and schoolwork); At (patchy/magical Covid protocol) so I'm glad Scout thinks I'm just the greatest. 

2)    B.E.S. asked if I would officiate at their wedding reception... I love B.E.S. (student>colleague>friend) and am beyond honored... but also have also have no idea how to go about it. 

3)    Scheduled a professional WGS talk in March--I'm more confident of doing alright with this.

4)    Lots of phone calls this weekend--in the absence of real meetups, these are the talks I love best!

I do not like this song, but since titling this post, it's my personal ear worm.


Elisabeth said...

So glad you fit in phone calls (which sound fun) after some tough conversations. I'm just not a phone all. I wish I was, sometimes, though. Maybe something to aim for in 2022? I tend to like to express myself in writing - I can do it on my own schedule/pace and think through what I'll say more thoroughly. But I should make more of an effort to connect with people via phone, I think, because so many people prefer this medium and there is something far more intimate about hearing each other's voices!

Maya said...

Oh, I'm with you--I prefer messages/email too! Phone calls are only fun for me with people I already enjoy talking to. People with whom there's a history of jabber and shorthand.

Elisabeth said...

Yay. Someone that finally understands this. Almost everyone I know enjoys phone calls. Shhh...but I don't even enjoy phone calls with people I love. I don't know what it is...I just find them tedious.
My favourite way to do phone calls is a "walk-and-talk." I'll put in headphones and go for a walk. Or, sometimes I'll just putter around the house and do mindless tasks (like wipe down counters etc).
But most of the time, I don't make phone calls except for work/when I have to. Perhaps to a fault...?

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