Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Grid Life

Day 1 on on the Laura Vanderkam time tracker challenge (since yesterday was mostly travel and touring);  Day 6 on Wordle (100%, Baby); and Day 0 of finding ways of minimizing administrative duties. 

My lovely colleague-mentor L had suggested that I disengage and use the sabbatical to good use--and I pared down campus engagement. But just today I got asked to join a search committee and a journal review board--and I said yes. It can't be helpful to anyone if I keep taking on every opportunity that flits across my timeline. 


Elisabeth said...

I LOVE Laura Vanderkam's work but haven't ever done one of her time-tracking challenges. But congrats on joining in on this; it is incredible where all the hours go and I really enjoy reading about other people's schedules and how they structure their days.

This year I am writing in a One-Sentence-A-Day Journal (which is actually set up to run 5 years). I'm loving the exercise so far...but am not sure if I'll manage to keep this up for 365x5. Time will tell.

Maya said...

I think you'd be a perfect match for LV's time-tracker challenge! Love the idea of a one-sentence journal. I think Chiconky uses one too. (TBH, I use the blog as a one sentence or one photo journal when things get busy ;) )

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