Sunday, January 02, 2022


All I want to say about today is how much fun it was having a toddler visit us for a while.

Scout and Huck agree with me.


Elisabeth said...

Aww. As much as the little stage is exhausting...there is just something indescribable about the sweetness and fun of a toddler. I'm currently living vicariously through some friends with toddlers. I love seeing them/playing with them...and then going home and getting a full night sleep.

maya said...

LOL on getting a full night's sleep! Yes, I guess. But I really do miss my kids being little and portable. Both my human kids are bigger and taller than I am at this point... and they contribute to my insomnia :).

all set to start

 Navaratri celebrations tonight! "Take homes" (snack boxes and gift bags) and our miniature magic forest "Golu" are read...