Thursday, January 27, 2022

assisted living

grass and sky haven't have heard yet 
and I let the unknown speak for me
tricky forests spring up like questions

I will keep seeking a story I read as a kid
with its sad embrace of a torn telegram 
whose yellow moths follow me forever 

even the temporary kingdom of my trust
where lie grave jokes of literature and life 
about what could have been... has been

O I say--we are such strange creatures
I hear about chimp haven; feel a relief 
for beloved elders finding assisted living

Friends, the only breath in cages is death 
maybe we use shards and shadows to knit 
soft shelters to lay over this thing called life?

Related/Random BOC
* I read a story when I was 9/10--I think of it as my first grownup story--about a man who tears up a telegram bearing bad news about his wife and baby in order to pretend to his fellow train passengers that all is well. The story sat between Hawthorne ("Young Goodman Brown") and Thurber ("The Catbird Seat") in an anthology of great American short stories (likely someone's discarded textbook), but I don't know the title or author despite a great number of patchy google searches.

* I couldn't get through to mom or sis on the phone today and was panicked enough to ask my cousin to check on them... turns out his wife, daughter, and mom are also down with the virus.

* The pulmonologist thinks my mom will be ok and back to normal in a couple of weeks.

* The story about the NIH chimps going to Chimp Haven was from my commute to work this morning.

* And there was a planning meeting for the conference in Minneapolis--so I was hearing Prince too, I guess.

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