Monday, August 16, 2021

the present

Thirteen years of this same name 
to use in love, jokes, threats, loving
When they decide for a new name
another parent tells me that a name 
is like a present, no one has to like it 
just because you gave it to them...
They know what's best for them, they
get to decide if they want a new name.
Then they do decide for a new name--
You know this name's unisex, right?
But--it still fits wrong, they say. So
when they decided for a new name, I
find I'm delighted to have an excuse 
to look at lists of baby names again
With their new name, we learned they
can ask teachers to use the new one
but can't officially change it at school--
that's another year with the same name
...but people ask us how to pronounce it
(because both names are from Sanskrit)
we're tricksters this first year with the new 
name: just tell them the old name is said
like the name you picked, I say. I'm loved
more in this first year with their new name 
it's like they spread their prayers like wings
these are small things, but they can fly now
When they decided on this new name, I...
was really relieved the new name began
kind of same way that their old one did--
so in this first year with the new name--
I can catch myself before I land wrong. 
Doesn't Elliot Page have a name like that?
I don't even remember--they're saying--
what it was, they're in the present; I'm 
rewarded with them happy in this year 
with just a new name

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